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Dale Earnhardt 1951-2001

It is not often I mix personal with business, but on Sunday February 19th, 2001 "MY" driver died at the Daytona 500. I had the chance to meet Dale Earnhardt in Michigan during the 1996 season. I was working for Valvoline/ Ashland Oil, and was able to make it to the race. Ah the excitement was there, I was going to meet my favorite driver. I had been following his career since 1979 and was a huge fan. I walked up to Dale to have him sign my program and said "I am your biggest fan." he said "Well, just don't drool on me." I laughed, walked away, and felt like a fool about an hour later when I figured out Jerry Punch was next to me.
All in all I would like to extend my sympathies as well as all of our employees, to the Dale Earnhardt family, he made me laugh, he made me cry, he made me mad, as well as jump for joy, thank you for 21 years of the best racing I have ever had the chance to witness.
Scott William Davis
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